The mission of Children’s Sport Connection is to provide financial assistance to those children from homes in the midst of a family crisis. We believe these children can benefit emotionally if they are enabled to maintain an active involvement in organized sports. Many studies have shown that such activity is the hallmark of a healthier lifestyle benefiting children at each age level. Families in crisis often find it difficult to devote their precious time and finances to athletic programs.

Children’s Sport Connection will evaluate such families and in turn award grants to be used towards community league registrations, equipment, lessons, and other related costs of participation for eligible children.

It is our hope that this activity will provide an appropriate outlet for these disadvantaged children, who might otherwise be negatively influenced by their difficult circumstances. Furthermore, through interaction with coaches, teammates, and other involved families, our program reinforces self esteem and provides positive role models. The Children’s Sport Connection strives to set the groundwork for these children to become responsible, dedicated, healthful, and well-rounded adults.