Giving to Learn

The Giving to Learn Program was created to offer youth a unique way of learning beneficial life skills through giving.  Volunteerism can be used as a big part of developing personalities and character.  It is also an opportunity to offer new skills through hands on teaching.  Volunteers experience better peer relations, improved grades, positive self esteem and skills needed to work towards a task with others.

Benefits to Students

Academic Growth:

Applied Learning – Enriches students learning of academic material and “brings books to life and life to books” by making the curriculum relevant to students’ lives.

Extra Curricular Activities – Improves interpersonal skills which are important skills needed in achieving success through hands  on experiences and fills the students “free time” with positive interaction.

Expands Community – Offers the opportunity to become intimately involved with others challenges while giving a sense of unity in working towards reaching a common goal.

Redefines Education – Teaches the importance of giving back and the enriched lessons that are obtained from participating in the direct improvement of others lives.

Personal Growth:

Increased Awareness – Expands knowledge of current societal issues as they relate to academic area of interest by developing problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Increased Self Esteem – In the effort to help others the motivation to learn is increased coupled with experiencing the benefits of knowing you are making a difference.

Improved Peer Relations – Teaches skills to work collectively with a committee to meet specific goals and needs.

Professional Growth:

Diversity – Improves understanding of people from a wide range of backgrounds and life situations while developing ability to appreciate and relate to others.

Career Exploration – Provides the opportunity to learn or try a new career related skill while offering a variety of experiences that can also be beneficial for college applications and resumes.

Leadership – Cultivates an ethic of service and civic participation in students becoming advocates and fulfilling a direct need for the community.

Community Benefits

Students who volunteer benefit in many ways.  Studies have consistently shown that students improve grade performance, develop greater self esteem and acquire job skills that can be applied throughout their lives.  Studies also reveal that employers view volunteering favorably when considering an employment application.  Giving students the opportunity to foster an attitude of giving back early on benefits the whole community.

Here are some reasons why:

Many community service projects are directly related to or indirectly related to government entities, non-profit organizations, The District Attorney’s Office and the local police departments.  The “Giving to Learn Program” partners regularly with these entities and many others in an effort to improve community conditions.  There is an invaluable learning experience offered to students that naturally is the byproduct of association with such respected entities.  The students then are able to take these lessons back into their own community helping to educate others.

Students who begin to fill their “free time” with giving back become more motivated in their own lives to do better.  They are less likely to  fall victim to drug and alcohol related issues, crime, and other behavior that weighs down our communities, police departments, court systems and families.

Students who volunteer learn valuable leadership qualities that they can apply to civic responsibilities that can benefit the taxpayer.  Also, students often become more involved in other good causes as a result of the positive self rewarding feelings associated with giving back.