Children’s Sport Connection together with Farrell Fritz Team Up to Benefit Hempstead PAL

CSC & Farrell Fritz have partnered to make a difference in the lives of children who participate in the Hempstead PAL sports programs.  As a result of a recent hold on a federal grant program which was featured in Newsday, PAL’s programs would be in jeopardy if not for the combined efforts of CSC and Farrell Fritz.

The recent donation will help maintain the karate, basketball and bowling programs.  If not for this generous gift, many of the already disadvantaged youth who participate would have no where to turn except maybe to the streets.  This is what drives CSC to help.  It is CSC’s belief that all children, no matter what their financial standing, should be allowed the opportunity to participate in youth sports.  Staying active in sports will provide an appropriate outlet for these underprivileged children and allow them the opportunities to grow up and live productive lives.

Tom Killeen, a partner at Farrell Fritz has stated, “The power of sports is immeasurable in providing a safe, positive outlet for children to grow.  The mission of the Children’s Sport Connection is vital to the Long Island community.  We are honored to be a partner and hope to see many businesses and individuals join in supporting the organization.”  It is that hope that Hempstead PAL’s Sensei A. Douglas Thomas believes will be so beneficial to the children.  He states, “It is refreshingly poignant to see partnerships that reflect the concept of a village raising a child.”

CSC’s president Patricia D’Accolti was very disturbed by the Newsday article regarding the cuts.  She has stated, “Children deserve to enjoy normal childhood experiences, such as participating in sports, regardless of their financial situation.  Playing sports should be a rite of passage for any youth rather than an activity treated as a privilege based on finances.”  It is this goal that will set the groundwork for these kids to grow up and become well rounded adults.  No child should ever be denied an opportunity of participating in sports.  It is something that should be a part of their normal childhood experiences.  Imagine telling a child you cannot play basketball or football.  Who will fill our ball fields if the children of the future cannot afford it?

CSC is seeking businesses such as Farrell Fritz who are willing to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children throughout Long Island and beyond.  Your company has the potential to receive a tremendous amount of recognition in sponsoring a community based organization such as Hempstead PAL.  Your sponsorship will go a long way in helping all children maintain their involvement in youth sports.

Please join us in teaming up to set the groundwork to enable all children, no matter what their financial status, to grow up and become great contributors to society for the future.  Together we can make a difference!